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Our OASIS line of automation control products allow fast, precise movement of motorized stages, focus drives, and other peripherals.  Optional modules provide real-time video processing for high-performance automatic focus calculations, digital camera synchronization, as well as control of multiple filter wheels and shutters control.

Our Surveyor with Turboscan fast mosaic imaging solutions enable high-speed acquisition of mosaic images using standard cameras and automation hardware.  Surveyor / Turboscan is offered as a stand-alone software application, as a plug-in for leading 3rd party imaging packages, and in SDK libraries for OEM integration.

OASIS-blue Controller and Options

OASIS-blue Universal PCI Controller  

The next generation Universal PCI board for control of motorized stages, focus, and a fourth axis (e.g., filter wheel).

BLUE-EXPIO Encoder and Trigger Module

A plug-in daughter board for the OASIS-blue controller, providing support for encoder inputs an all axes as well as trigger synchronization.

Surveyor / Turboscan Fast Mosaic Imaging


Stand-alone software for acquiring and visualizing large-scale mosaic images.  Hardware solutions for frame-rate mosaic image acquisition.

Pro-Series Turboscan for Image-Pro Plus (R)

Use Turboscan 2D and 3D mosaic image acquisition directly in Media Cybernetics' Image-Pro Plus image analysis and processing software.

OASIS-4i Controller and Options

OASIS-4i PCI Controller  

The original OASIS-4i PCI board for control of motorized stages, focus, and a fourth axis (e.g., filter wheel).

OASIS-AF Video Processing Module

A plug-in daughter board for the OASIS-4i controller, providing real-time video processing for automatic focus based on analog cameras.

OASIS-DC1 Digital Camera Trigger Interface

A plug-in daughter board for the OASIS-4i controller, allowing synchronization with digital camera trigger signals, for digital autofocus and Turboscanning.

OASIS-XA1 Fifth Axis Module

A plug-in daughter card for the OASIS-4i controller, adds a 5th axis for control of a second filter wheel. 

OI-SC4 Shutter Controller

External controller interfaced to OASIS-4i for control of up to four shutters.

OASIS SmartMove Interface

Allows the Leica Microsystems SmartMove controller to be used by OASIS-4i controller for XY stage and/or Z focus control.

OASIS Software

OASIS Software

Automation software libraries and tools for use in microscopy and image analysis.


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