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Surveyor Software with Turboscan, for Real-Time Mosaic Imaging

Objective Imaging’s Surveyor automated scanning and imaging with Turboscan enables scanning and near perfect-image mosaic creation at camera frame rates.

Scan the entire slide in seconds, and then effortlessly relocate to areas of interest with a simple click.  Quickly get the specimen overview to aid in understanding the relationships between microscopic features and overall structure.  Save your work for later review, discussion, and publication.

Based on the OASIS-blue controller with the BLUE-EXPIO Encoder and Trigger interface module or  OASIS-AF analog video processor option, Surveyor with Turboscan provides everything a microscopist needs for surveying, relocating, printing and saving at a new standard in high-performance automation.

Example Scan

Mouse, 10X objective lens, Turboscan mosaic of over 340 images
Digital camera resolution:  1388 x 1035 pixels
Scanned with predictive focus and shading correction
Total time for scan and mosaic
42 seconds

Click on the image for further details on the example

More examples >

Turboscan examples

Further information:

Detailed Surveyor feature list

Surveyor for Image-Pro capture driver

Supported digital cameras and frame grabbers

System requirements

Surveyor with Turboscan Brochure

 Turboscan highlights:

Scanning and acquisition at camera frame rates

Support for various digital and analog cameras

Real-time high-quality image tiling

Real-time shading correction

Fast and accurate relocation

Freely mix scans at various magnifications and locations

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